Envision Mindful Leadership Program

Envision services recognise the need for a bespoke resilience and mindfulness toolkit for a range of business environments. 

Employees that are mentally overwhelmed may be disconnected from their peers, which in turn can affect their productivity health and relationships.


Using the tools of Mindfulness in a business environment can enhance productivity and wellbeing which not only offers ROI, the practice brings a multitude of positive and impactful benefits to leaders, staff and the overall culture of organisations.

“Training has boosted employee engagement and reduced absenteeism. According to SAP’s calculations, a 1 percentage point increase in employee engagement corresponds anywhere from 50 to 60 million euros in operating profit. At the same time, a 1 percentage point increase in its business health culture index can boost profits by 85 to 95 million euros. Another quantifiable result: SAP’s strong first-quarter results for 2018 and its steadily rising performance in the New York Stock Exchange” - Source:siyli.org

To meet the business and stakeholders needs, Envision Services confidentially collaborate and develop customised structured programs with behavioural techniques, that deliver tangible outcomes.


The overall Envision Mindful Leadership Program approach is holistic and delivers a range of activities to train mindful techniques which can:

  •  Enable intuitive leadership

  •  Help build sustainable relationships

  •  Foster a more connected, collaborative workforce

  •  Improved listening skills and engagement

  •  Enhanced wellbeing and increase productivity

  •  Manage distracting and/or sabotaging thoughts

  •  Heighten self awareness and empathy

  •  Reduce stress

  •  Build up resilience

  •  Encourage reflection, not reaction

Envision Toolkit

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"While most of us are aware of the personal benefits of mindfulness, there are also some impactful advantages for businesses which offer a real ROI. Studies suggest that mindfulness practice helps employees reduce stress and build upon their resilience". - (Mindfulness Goes to Work: Impact of an Online Workplace Intervention Kimberly A. 2014)





Envision Services run a series of workshops from surviving to thriving and navigating the overwhelm in our lives. Developing mindfulness through our workshops and acknowledging a growing need for connection and support.


Series 1. Find Your Bliss.

  • Guidance on managing stress. Refer to a recently published article of ours - Mental overwhelm and the limitations of low self belief -  click here.


Series 2. Self worth and Nurturing.

  • Being Heard.

Series 3. Nourishing Relationships.

  • Managing Toxic people and boundaries.


“Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein